Retirement plans transition to Nationwide

Last year, George Fox University transferred its retirement plans to Nationwide. The University made this decision after careful consideration of what would be in your best interests as plan participants.

Your current TIAA account(s) can transfer to a new Nationwide account. Now is the time to manage all your retirement Plan assets within a single account.

Some funds did not transition to Nationwide

All assets in your retirement plan accounts have transferred to Nationwide except for some TIAA annuities. These assets will remain at TIAA unless you take action to transfer them to your new Nationwide account.

Consider the benefits of managing your retirement savings with just one retirement account.

  • Reduce the fees you pay
    George Fox University negotiated lower account management fees with Nationwide, which means more of your contributions and any other assets moved to your Nationwide account go directly into investments.

  • Reduce the potential for redundancy in your investing approaches
    You can select investments easier from one fund lineup, which limits your risk of having overlapping investments in multiple accounts and the potential to limit growth.

  • Manage and monitor just one account
    One username and password to remember
    One beneficiary designation to keep current
    One solution center to depend on

Ready to simplify your retirement plans?

To get started, contact Phillip Carbajal, your local Retirement Specialist.

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